Information Brochure for the NIPT

 Information Brochure for the NIPD

 Information Brochure for the STID

 Information Brochure for the Cancer Risk Test

 Information Brochure for the CT-DNA (liquid biopsy)

 Information Brochure for the WES test

Price Lists

Molecular Tests

Cancer Risk Tests

Cancer Tisseu Gene Panels

CT-DNA Tests (Liquid Biopsy)

Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)

Non Invasive Prenatal Test for Trisomies (NIPT)

Non Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis for Monogenic Disorders (NIPD)

Screening Test for Inherited Diseases (STID, Carrier Test)

Non Invasive Rhesus D Test (NIRT)

Next Generation and Sanger Sequencing Platforms

Copy Number Tests

Microarray Testing

Mitochondrial Molecular Tests

Molecular Tests for Leukemia and Lymphoma

Uniparental (UPD) Tests

FISH Analyses

HLA Typing Tests

Genomic Identity Profiling Tests

Sample Submission Forms

   General Submission Form

   Submission Form for the NIPT

   Submission Form for the STID

   Submission Form for the Cancer Risk Test

   Submission Form for the CT-DNA (liquid biopsy)

Agreement Form

   Agreement From

Custom Forms

Information Form for Customs

Pro Forma Invoice Form for Customs

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