GENDIA (for GENetic DIAgnostic Network) is an international network consisting of more than 100 laboratories located in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

GENDIA currently offers more than 3000 different genetic tests.

The mission of GENDIA is to improve the accessibility, cost-effectiveness and quality of genetic diagnostics.

NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Test)

Screen your blood during pregnancy for Down Syndrome.

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  • 説明:NIPTは、最も一般的な胎児異数性(染色体21,18,13)の妊娠をスクリーニングする母体血液に関するDNA検査である。 この試験は、胎児由来のDNAを含む母体の血液サンプルに対して行う。胎児の性別は、必要に応じて決定される。
  • タイミング:妊娠10週目から、しかし11週目〜13週目に最適。
  • ターンアラウンドタイム:<2週間
  • 信頼性:ダウン症候群の感度と特異度はいずれも> 99%です。

STID (Screening Test for Inherited Disorders)

Screen for common genetic diseases with recessive inheritance.

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Cancer Risk Test

Screen for an increased hereditary risk to develop cancer.

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CT-DNA TEST (Circulating Tumor DNA Test)

To track cancer in an early state or follow-up of cancer treatment.

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Identity Profiling Tests

Paternity and other relationship tests.

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