GENDIA, a network of genetic diagnostic laboratories offers the largest panel of genetic diagnostic tests worldwide.

Over 3.000 genetic tests are performed in one of the GENDIA laboratories. By providing straightforward access to this large panel of tests, GENDIA aims to assist geneticists, health professionals, hospitals, and clinics to effectively manage the clinical genetic needs of patients and their families.

Price lists are available in the DOWNLOAD section.

There is an extra charge for DNA extraction (50 Euro per sample), and expedited analysis (200 Euro).

Exclusion of maternal contamination in a prenatal test is 100 Euro.

The price to screen for familial mutations already diagnosed by GENDIA is 250 Euro.

After the test result has been issued an invoice will be sent.

Please contact us for exact quotes.

Payment is possible by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or by bank transfer to the GENDIA bank account at the KBC bank (Anselmostraat 35, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium):

  • IBAN:BE48-7350-0680-3627

Payment is due within a month after receiving the GENDIA invoice.

DNA: The minimal amount of DNA needed for analysis of whole genes is 30µg. if only a few mutations have to be screened, 10µg is sufficient. The DNA samples should be delivered at room temperature.

Blood: 10 ml of peripheral blood collected in an EDTA (lavender top) tube is required for adults and 5 ml for children. The samples should be delivered at room temperature. NEVER freeze blood specimens.

Blood in Streck tubes: for NIPT and CT-DNA (liquid biopsy) tests special kits provided by GENDIA are necessarry.

Transport: Always send samples by Express Mail at room temperature.

You can find all forms in the “Download” section under “forms”.

Please fill out all 4 forms and sent those together with the sample. The submission form and the agreement form should be inside the package, and the 2 custom forms outside of the package.

Please provide our telephone number beneath the address.

Please also read the conditions and terms of contract.

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