CT-DNA Tests (Liquid Biopsy)


DNA from cancer cells circulates in the blood from most subjects with cancer. This Circulating Tumor DNA (CT-DNA) harbors gene variants that cause the tumor. Cancer can therefore be detected and characterized with a CT-DNA test (also referred to as liquid biopsy).

This test is important for a patient-specific cancer treatment (personalized medicine) in patients diagnosed with cancer.

The CT-DNA test can also detect cancer in an early stage, and is therefore a good screening test in individuals with an increased risk to develop cancer.

The CT-DNA test offered by GENDIA screens for +/- 2800 common gene variants in 50 cancer genes.


The sample needed is 5 µg DNA or 5 ml EDTA blood to be sent at room temperature.

Turnaround Time



The price of the CT-DNA tests is 700 Euro.

Price List

CT-DNA Tests (Liquid Biopsy)

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